Brixia Contemporary

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Antiquity and the contemporary meet in a project that “has the ambitious objective of transforming the city through a gaze,” in keeping with the slogan of BRIXIA CONTEMPORARY, the multi-year programme designed by Fondazione Brescia Musei and the City of Brescia. Massimo Minini, President of Fondazione Brescia Musei explains the essence of this wide-ranging project as follows: “Every year we would like to invite a different international artist to come to Brescia to disclose a new vision of the urban space of Brescia’s historical centre by establishing a dialogue between a series of selected artworks and the locations in which they will be displayed. Our intention is to create artist itineraries connecting the city institutional centre to the Archaeological Park and the Museum of Santa Giulia. A journey through time, from Brescia to Brixia, mediated by the sensibility of the great artists of today.” The artist that has been chosen for 2017 is Mimmo Paladino. A well-studied and deliberate choice, according to Luigi Di Corato, director of Brescia Musei and curator of the exhibition, who explains that “Paladino was the perfect candidate for this ambitious project, for his capacity to nourish history by transforming the symbols of Mediterranean visual figuration, spanning from iconic archetypes to twentieth-century imagery.” Paladino shares a special bond with Brescia, as over forty years ago it was in this city he held his first important solo exhibition, an event that marked a crucial moment in his career path towards becoming an internationally renowned artist.